What do we mean by “The Science Café”?

More than often, students get a bad reputation for the amount of time they might be wasting when they’re not inside lecture classes. Everyone loves to bash on them for spending the majority of their days in coffee shops, not pursuing anything outside the academic environment.

We want to adjust and revamp that mentality. Students, the youth, youngins, whatever you want to call them, aren’t just lazy and lacking goals or the desire to grow. They are some of the most creative people on the planet, buzzing with potential and innovative ideas. What is missing then? Opportunities and a mentoring ecosystem.

Taleas strives to change that. We want to offer this generation a chance to properly express their ideas and put their talents to shape them. That’s how the “Science Café” philosophy came to life.

A place where science and originality can blossom, and we discuss challenges, big or small. Together, let’s spark a change, shifting the common perception of society towards what students can achieve and actually empower them.